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Abacus news


Warming up for a brand new season


Bold colours inspired by South Sea Islands, lagoons and coral reefs. Carefully applied in our timeless, stylish designs. But also pastels and white. Scandinavian, clean and fresh. Masterly details. With a fit and freedom of movement that amazes the world’s best golfers. This is how Abacus Sportswear describes its new summer 2013 collection.


The Swedish sport, fashion company has the wind behind it in both growth and market development. New export successes not least in Asia have accelerated growth, and some prestige filled partnerships have helped to strengthen the brand name. Amongst others Abacus Sportswear has now signed a contract with the Asian Tour which is added to an impressive list of partners with names such as Solheim Cup, Ryder Cup, European Challenge Tour and Nordea Masters.

With the new summer collection we lift functional golf clothing to new levels, both for wind and sun, says Chris Mattsson, MD and head of design, and continues:

– Our most important goal is to make the golfer feeling comfortable and focused on the next shot, whatever the weather.


First with Coefficient of Stretch

One news item for summer 2013 is Coefficient of Stretch, a measurement of how flexible and stretchy a golf garment is.

– The garment’s stretch is absolutely essential on the golf course, that’s what gives freedom of motion throughout the entire swing, says Chris Mattsson.

– That’s why we have asked an independent test institute for a reliable measurement of the stretch on our most important rain fabrics. Our new material abacus® Stretchlite has the almost unbelievable x 2,64 in Coefficient of Stretch (CoS).

That means it can be stretched to more than double its size and still keep you dry and comfortable throughout the swing.

As far as we know Abacus Sportswear is the first golf and fashion company that states the stretch coefficient on its function clothing, and this is important because it is the combination of waterproofness breathability and stretchability which is essential for you as a golfer.


Fashion with sun protection

Until now Abacus Sportswear has been best known for challenging wind and rain and bad weather. But now the company is also aiming towards the sun.

–The problem with sun and skin cancer is especially serious for us golfers who spend a long time in the sun and often with little opportunity to seek protection in the shade, says Chris Mattsson.

–This year we present therefore a completely new collection of tops and accessories that will protect you from UV rays.

We have amongst other things utilized the natural fibre from the coconut shell which contains active carbon and protects against UV radiation (Cocona®). With a combination of bamboo carbon and microfiber we have woven another wonderful fabric that protects against UV radiation and also reduces the risk of unpleasant odours when the sun makes you hot.