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abacus® Technology and Materials


abacus Coefficient of Stretch


abacus CoS graphHow far can you stretch a fabric with a load of 15 Newton? 
This is how we define Coefficient of Stretch.

If we have a piece of fabric which is 25 cm and it can be stretched to double that, then the coefficient is x 2,0. In other words you can have an extreme twist in your swing without the fabric resisting. We have allowed an independent laboratory to investigate the stretch coefficient in our usual rain fabrics. Our new material abacus® Barton Stretchlite has the almost unbelievable x 2,64 in CoS.


The study was conducted by The Textile & Leather Laboratory Stockholm.
The test was carried out according to the European standard:
”Determination of the elasticity of fabrics (EN14704-1:2005) part1: strip tests”

The term Coefficient of Stretch (CoS) belongs to Abacus Sportswear AB. 


The technology of the materials and fabrics develops continuously. We are putting in a lot of time and energy to be ahead of the business with garments that you can count on when it comes to their functionality. To be able to use our technical terms in the best way, and describe how abacus® relates to and uses new technology and materials we have put together this technology guide.


StretchLite : Waterproof 2-layer stretch in extreme lightweight, 10.000 MP / 10.000 MVP, ideal for golf and outdoor activities when freedom of movement is a priority. Extremely flexible, packable and with a DWR finishing to improve water repellency and stain protection. All weather fabric for active people.


Stretch Dry : Waterproof 2-layer stretch fabric 10.000 MP / 10.000 MVP, a fabric that offers very good breathability, waterproofness and windproofness and an out- standing stretchability, ideal for outdoor activities. Extremely flexible, sealed seams and with WR finishing that provides good water repellency and stain protection.


WindVent: Our wind garments are highly breathable and effectively protect
against wind, light rain and cold. Just as important is the fact they are lightweight.
The water repellency provides protection against light rain. The garment retains
the heat from your body, a comfortable and warm garment, designed for many
outdoor activities. Folded up it takes a minimum of room in your bag.


Drycool : Drycool moves perspiration away from the body to the fabrics outer surface where it can evaporate quickly which helps the wearer to stay dry and comfortable.


abacus Cleek products made from a Drycool- material that breathes, are stretchy, extra lightweight and protects you against the wind. The fabric dries quickly after rain and lets out body moisture. 


Bamboo Charcoal : With the combination of micro polyester and Bamboo Charcoal
moisture is transfered from the skin to the outer surface, and quickly evaporates,
while keeping the body warm and maintaining body temperature. Bamboo
Charcoal contains natural minerals, which absorb moisture, prevent bacteria
growth, reduce odour and give UV-protection.


Coolmax : Coolmax is inherent in the fiber structure itself. Coolmax moves perspiration away from the body to the fabrics outer surface where it can evaporate quickly which helps the wearer to stay dry and comfortable.


Cocona®: Cocona® fibers and yarns provide effective evaporative cooling, odor
absorption and UV protection, using the finest quality of activated carbon made
from coconut shells. The fabric is light weighted, comfortable with stretch and
washability. Cocona® technology is contained inside the fiber and it will never
wash off or wear out.


Schoeller No Mulesing: The yarns used in these products are subjected to stringent quality tests, and the wool is sourced from carefully selected farms and
areas, where no mulesing takes place.