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Freedom of golf by abacus®


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Functional and smart clothing for the active golfer by abacus


abacus MD and founder Sven-Olof KarlssonAbacus Sportswear, a pioneer of high-performance stretch waterproof fabrics, produces smart, technical clothing which combines Swedish design with quality and functionality, befitting the active golfer.

Golf should be purely about the game, with no impediments or distractions – and is why Abacus Sportswear’s clothes are designed to work and move in total sync with golfers, providing complete Freedom of Motion which, in turn, provides Freedom of Golf.

Abacus Sportswear’s brand ethos encapsulated its Swedish roots, combining quality and function to produce smart, technical clothing for the active golfer.


The Story

Abacus Sportswear was founded by Sven-Olof Karlsson and Ingrid Lindgren-Wachtmeister in 1991. Starting as clothing agents working with different brands, they quickly identified a gap in the market for golf apparel that combined function, design and quality. The mission was to do functional and smart clothing for the active golfer.

Today, abacus® is available in over 35 countries, with strong market positions in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Canada and a growing presence in Asia-Pacific.

Freedom of golf

To encourage your golf is our vision.To keep you convenient and confident, whatever the weather, is our mission. In each detail, in every desicion we make, your freedom of motion is our ambition. Because the single most important physical factor for your golf performance is flexibility.

A garment’s ability to keep you dry is measured in Water Pillar (WP), and its ability to breathe and ventilate is measured in Moisture Vapor Pillar (MVP).

We are now introducing even a measurement for how much a garment can deliver freedom of motion, Coefficient of Stretch (CoS).

Because it is the combination of WP, MVP and CoS which is essential for you as a golfer. In other words, something that allows you to swing unhindered and with focus, even when it’s pouring down.