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Steen Tinning
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Why and when did you start to play?

I started playing golf a soon as I could walk. My dad is at teaching professional and I grew up on a golf course. Getting my first club when I could stand up and walk was a must.


What are your personal goals the next 5 years?

My main goal the next years is to qualify for the Champions Tour in the US and then enjoy success on the Champions Tour. It has been a great start to my Senior career on the European Senior Tour. Winning twice in my first year 2013 and receiving the Rookie of the Year award is a great boost to work even harder and enjoy more wins in the future.


What is your best golf memory?

Certainly winning my first European Tour tournament in Wales, playing with Ian Woosnam in the final group on the last day.


What do you like about Abacus?

It is quality clothes, smart and love the wide range of colours. Furthermore Abacus is leading the way with great variety and high quality wind and rain clothes. Living in Denmark, it is imperative to wear great wind and rain gear.


Which is your favorite Abacus product and why?

Certainly the wind and rain clothes. The Pitch rain jacket is worldclass along with the Druids turtle neck. Try it and you will always wear it….

Name: Steen Tinning


Nationality: Danish


Best results: Two European Tour Wins. 2000 Celtic Manor Walses Open, 2002 Telefonica Madrid Open.
Berenberg Master Champion 2013. English Senior Open Champion 2013. 


Been pro since: October, 1985.


Plays on: European Senior Tour

Steen Tinning

Horizon Tour Championship final round, Oldfield C. C. South Carolina, Sunbelt Tour.


My wife and I are back at the apartment at Lakewood Ranch now and are enjoying our new place. It was a 6 hour drive from Hilton Head Island back to Lakewood Ranch and I am now in my favorite chair with a cold glass of white wine :)


Horizon Tour Championship Round 2, Oldfield C. C. South Carolina, Sunbelt Tour.


I had a really good day on the course today. This morning during warm up I spent some time working on my putting again. Yesterday afternoon I experimented with bringing my right hand much further down the putter shaft and take more control of the shaft. This way my right arm is more straight and hangs more relaxed down the shaft. It is a big change, because I also try and get my body further down to control the swing of the putter.


Horizon Tour Championship, Oldfield C. C. South Carolina, Sunbelt Tour.


The final tournament of the 2014 Sunbelt Tour got underway today on a beautiful golf course in South Carolina. It is a Greg Norman golf course cut out in trees with water in play on a lot of holes. We had a picture perfect day for golf, but my golf was far from perfect. Well, my putting was far from perfect, in fact, half my shots today was made with the putter, 37 putts in all and a score of 74. Not very happy with this result.


Dutch Senior Open final round, Amsterdam, Holland.


The Dutch Senior Open finished in great weather. We had a beautiful day with sunshine and warm temperatures. Hardly any wind and great scoring conditions.


Dutch Senior Open round 2, Amsterdam, Holland.


It was nice to shoot under par today in a marathon of a round. Again, we are on the course around 6 hours. We had a lot of rain for 1 hour and the temperature dropped drastically. It wasn't easy at times. I was playing well and had it two under after 12 holes. I teed off on the 10th, so I was the real 3rd hole. We waited for 30 minutes before we teed off on the par 3 4th hole. I hit a bad shot and ended up in the water.


Dutch Senior Open round 1, Amsterdam, Holland.


I am back at the hotel trying to recover from todays golf. Shooting 5 over par today was a loooong day and playing in fourballs didn't make the long day feel shorter. It took us just under 6 hours to complete the 18 holes.


French Riviera Masters final round , France European Senior Tour.


I am doing a lot of good things, despite the 4 three putts today. It is extremely dissatisfying to shot 71 with 36 putts. The potential is a lot greater and I am certainly doing my very best to solve this. I felt I was on my way with the putting the last two days, but today was not good. I made 2 or 3 good putts, but I am missing too many putts. A lot of my putts are not even near the hole when the leave the club face. I also misjudged the speed a few times, which left me some long return putts. I will need to put in more work on my putting the next month.


French Riviera Masters round 2, France European Senior Tour.


I finished with a score of 69 today and moved 20 spots forward in the field to 14th.


French Riviera Masters round 1, France European Senior Tour.


Good to be back on the course again after a week off from tournament golf. We had a beautiful day on the course and it was a day with low scoring.


WINSTONgolf Senior Open final round, European Senior Tour, Germany.


The day finished with a score of 70, two under par and I finished at 1 under par for the tournament. That placed me at tied 51st for the tournament.