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Steen Tinning
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Why and when did you start to play?

I started playing golf a soon as I could walk. My dad is at teaching professional and I grew up on a golf course. Getting my first club when I could stand up and walk was a must.


What are your personal goals the next 5 years?

My main goal the next years is to qualify for the Champions Tour in the US and then enjoy success on the Champions Tour. It has been a great start to my Senior career on the European Senior Tour. Winning twice in my first year 2013 and receiving the Rookie of the Year award is a great boost to work even harder and enjoy more wins in the future.


What is your best golf memory?

Certainly winning my first European Tour tournament in Wales, playing with Ian Woosnam in the final group on the last day.


What do you like about Abacus?

It is quality clothes, smart and love the wide range of colours. Furthermore Abacus is leading the way with great variety and high quality wind and rain clothes. Living in Denmark, it is imperative to wear great wind and rain gear.


Which is your favorite Abacus product and why?

Certainly the wind and rain clothes. The Pitch rain jacket is worldclass along with the Druids turtle neck. Try it and you will always wear it….

Name: Steen Tinning


Nationality: Danish


Best results: Two European Tour Wins. 2000 Celtic Manor Walses Open, 2002 Telefonica Madrid Open.
Berenberg Master Champion 2013. English Senior Open Champion 2013. 


Been pro since: October, 1985.


Plays on: European Senior Tour

Steen Tinning

WINSTONgolf Senior Open final round, European Senior Tour, Germany.


The day finished with a score of 70, two under par and I finished at 1 under par for the tournament. That placed me at tied 51st for the tournament.


WINSTONgolf Senior Open round 2, European Senior Tour, Germany.


The second round was much like the first round with a lot of missed putts and a lot of good golf. I tried to change a few things in my putting before today but did not get the putter working at all.


WINSTONgolf Senior Open round 1, European Senior Tour, Germany.


I putted, I putted, I putted and then I putted a little more.... in all 35 putts today and not a lot of joy :(


Portugal Senior Open, Porto final round, European Senior Tour.


It  is late and I have just driven four hours from Vidago to Lisabon to spend the night before I can fly to Denmark in the morning. I have had lots of time in the car to reflect on what happen today, it was nice be all alone with my thoughts after the disaster on 18 today.


Portugal Senior Open, Porto round 2, European Senior Tour.


It was a rollercoaster day on the course today. I was hitting the ball well on the range and felt like it was going to be a really good day. It all started very well, with two putt birdies at the two par fives in the beginning of the round. Then I made a big mistake on 9 and 10 and got punished with two bogeys. I lost the momentum and hit another bad tee shot on 13 and had to take a drop from the hazard. It wasn't much fun at this time.


Portugal Senior Open, Porto round 1, European Senior Tour.


I certainly didn't expect to shoot 67 today when leaving the practice ground this morning. First of all I think the course is pretty tight and tough at times, secondly I hit it soooooo bad on the range in the morning. At the end of the morning warm up session I was totally confused. The ball was going left and right. I couldn't figure out why, so I couldn't correct it. Just before I left the range to go to the putting green, I hit a couple of shots and all I thought about was keeping my body still when taking the club back and going through. It helped a little.


Russian Open Golf Championship (Senior) final round, European Senior Tour, Russia.


A tough day on the course and I am relieved with the result. Shooting 69 today was a great result because I didn't play my best golf at all.


Russian Open Golf Championship (Senior) round 2, European Senior Tour, Russia.


This was certainly a completely different day from the easy day yesterday. I wasn't swinging the club very well this morning. I kept on getting too steep on the ball and leaving it right most of the day. I controlled it on the first nine holes, but then i went from bad to worse on the back nine.


Russian Open Golf Championship (Senior) round 1, European Senior Tour, Russia.


I left the 18th hole with a great achievement today. Of course I was very happy with the 68 I shot, but I actually succeeded having a fun day on the golf course. My mental approach was a lot less stressful today and I wanted to go and enjoy the round. I did :) I have been trying to force a good score the last weeks and I decided before this tournament to cool off and stay happy and play with a more relaxed mind.


Travis Perkins Masters final round, European Senior Tour, England.


This was a very unusual day on the course. It started well with 1 under through 4 and I felt like I was getting good momentum. Hit a good drive in the middle of the fairway on 5. Went for the green in two on the par 5. It was a shot I didn't like, because I was standing below the ball for my second shot. Scared of hooking it too much, I blocked it right, the only place you can't miss this green. Tried a flop shot, which I hit fat and then had another difficult chip shot, which I left just short of the green, chipped it to 5 feet and missed the putt. DOUBLE BOGEY from nowhere.