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Steen Tinning
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Why and when did you start to play?

I started playing golf a soon as I could walk. My dad is at teaching professional and I grew up on a golf course. Getting my first club when I could stand up and walk was a must.


What are your personal goals the next 5 years?

My main goal the next years is to qualify for the Champions Tour in the US and then enjoy success on the Champions Tour. It has been a great start to my Senior career on the European Senior Tour. Winning twice in my first year 2013 and receiving the Rookie of the Year award is a great boost to work even harder and enjoy more wins in the future.


What is your best golf memory?

Certainly winning my first European Tour tournament in Wales, playing with Ian Woosnam in the final group on the last day.


What do you like about Abacus?

It is quality clothes, smart and love the wide range of colours. Furthermore Abacus is leading the way with great variety and high quality wind and rain clothes. Living in Denmark, it is imperative to wear great wind and rain gear.


Which is your favorite Abacus product and why?

Certainly the wind and rain clothes. The Pitch rain jacket is worldclass along with the Druids turtle neck. Try it and you will always wear it….

Name: Steen Tinning


Nationality: Danish


Best results: Two European Tour Wins. 2000 Celtic Manor Walses Open, 2002 Telefonica Madrid Open.
Berenberg Master Champion 2013. English Senior Open Champion 2013. 


Been pro since: October, 1985.


Plays on: European Senior Tour

Steen Tinning

Tampa Palm Series, West Florida Golf Tour.


It has been great to get back to sunny Florida, even though it is pretty cold here at the moment. Tonight they are predicting temperatures close to freezing and on Saturday we will be back at 25 degrees and weather to catch a couple of hours of relaxation by the pool.


Pacemaker surgery successful.


It is 5:37 Wednesday morning January 21 and I have just woken up after a good nights sleep at Hjertehospital Varde in Denmark. I went through a pacemaker implant surgery yesterday afternoon, and it went very well. The heart surgeon was very happy with the implant and I can now start a new life.


MCB Tour Championship 2014, Mauritius, European Senior Tour final round.


I had the best warm up session I have had this year. I was swinging the club great, taking the ball more clean and not getting so steep on the attack. I was feeling the flight of the ball and in my mind I was cautious about getting my expectations up too much. At the end of the day it is making putts and putting a score up which matters. But my warm up was a good start and I really enjoyed myself :).


MCB Tour Championship 2014, Mauritius, European Senior Tour round 2..


A very nice Saturday for me and a good follow up on the things I worked on Friday. I played well and made some very important putts at the right time today. Nice feeling!!


MCB Tour Championship 2014, Mauritius, European Senior Tour round 1.


We had a difficult day on the course with lots of wind today. It was very tricky to judge the wind and pick the right club. I was never really close to the hole all day, but managed to make some good putts. I putted very well today and is happy shooting 71.


West Florida Golf Tour, Laurel Oak, Sarasota.


Just a little note from the warm Sarasota, Florida.


Champions Tour Regional Qualifying final round, Orlando, Florida.


The day was not much different from the other rounds. I had one birdie and three bogeys for a round of 74. I was hitting the ball better today and hit a few really god drives and second shots, but failed to capitalize on them. I never got any momentum in the round, so it all turned out to be a very long round. In fact, it has been one of the longest weeks I have had since I started my senior career. There will be no Champions Tour card for me for the coming season. I can still play in the Friday qualifying before the Monday qualifying for all Champions Tour tournaments in 2015. I am qualified for two majors on the Champions Tour, the PGA Championship and the Senior British Open. The tour school is not the only way in, so there are still American possibilities in 2015.


Champions Tour Regional Qualifying round 3, Orlando, Florida.


The third round did not turn out to be a good day and the sub par round I needed.  I ended up shooting 74 and is now 6 over par for the qualifying. It puts me many shots behind 20th spot which is needed to qualify for the final qualifying in two weeks time.


Champions Tour Regional Qualifying round 2, Orlando, Florida.


We had good conditions today. I teed off at 8:25 off the 10th tee and we didn't have much wind the first two hours. Perfect conditions to score.


Champions Tour Regional Qualifying round 1, Orlando, Florida.


It was rough start I had today. I teed off at the 10th hole and had 3 difficult holes in to the wind to start with. I made a bad double bogey on my 2nd hole, when I hit a bunker shot 15 feet long and 3 putted from there. That wasn't a pretty start and I knew it would be a difficult day. On my 5th hole the real 14th hole I got in to a discussion with one of my playing partners, he was taking a drop after he blocked his drive in to a  lake. He wanted to drop much further up the fairway than where his ball crossed the hazard. We didn't have the same understanding of where the ball crossed and I argued he had to go much further back. The third player in the group agreed with me, but the the guy didn't want to go back to where the ball crossed in to the hazard. I was furious and had a tough time focusing and playing at this time. Not to say the atmosphere in the group was not exactly thrilling. When I also had to tell this player to stand still when I was hitting a shot or putting, I was really challenged to focus on playing golf.